We Have a Pipe For That

“Umulig Engineering is the regional partner for the Aquatherm GmbH group in South Africa. The Aquatherm product offerings for the Southern Africa market were officially unveiled at the “We have a pipe for that” seminar. The seminar was one day long, held over 3 days at the Riverside Hotel (11-13 February 2020), in Durban North. The seminar attracted attendees from various sectors and industries, ranging industrial suppliers, construction companies, consulting engineers, pneumatics companies and plant engineers. The attendees were trained on the :

  • Aquatherm Green Pipe (Potable Water)
  • Aquatherm Blue Pipe (HVAC & Industrial Processes)
  • Aquatherm Lilac Pipe (Reclaimed Water & Agriculture)
  • Aquatherm Red (Fire & Sprinkler Systems))

The pipe connection methods, namely :Fusion Welding, Butt Welding and Electrofusion Welding were explained. All attendees were given an opportunity to perform their own Fusion Welds. For more information on how using Aquatherm Pipes can benefit you or your organisation:”
+27 (0)81 44 55 346

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