22 Cross Street, Student Accommodation

The building on 22 Cross Street, Durban was previously used as a commercial office block for several businesses and tenants. The new building owners wanted to convert it to be used to house 224 students.
Umulig Engineering was contracted to provide a suitable energy efficient water heating solution for the students/building. Umulig Engineering designed and installed the hot water plant to be used for sanitary purposes. The hot water plant consisted of:

  • 1 x ECDH45MT complete with a control panel, water pump and temperature control valve
  • 1 x 5000 litre vertical storage vessel
  • Backup heater: 1x 4 kW heating element banks with a single control panel

Services Provided:

  • Sizing and designing the hot water reticulation system for the building
  • Supplying and installation of the hot water plant (Heat pump, circulation pump, Hot water storage tank and control panel
  • Commissioning and testing the plant

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